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      Janet W. Southall - Jul 22, 3:48pm:
      What does our church need to encourage spiritual growth? How about a retreat or mini camp?
      Doug Southall - Jul 24, 7:46am:
      Whatever it is, it needs to be accessible to all members. In thinking about the "camp" idea - perhaps a focused week-long evening study/worship program focused on spiritual growth, with a big celebration at the end of the week? Like VBS for adults...
      Doug Southall - Jul 24, 9:56am:
      Would have to be in the summer.....
      Bonnie Barrett - Jul 24, 12:30pm:
      I think that adding the prayers to this page is great. But I wish there was a link to the prayers on our home page too.
      Verlinda - Aug 14, 9:12pm:
      A week-long program with a focus on prayer/spiritual growth would be great. I was excited by the Spiritual Gifts evening course, and sorry that more didn't come of the time spent on that.
      Verlinda - Aug 14, 9:13pm:
      Other suggestions--intentionally ask members of the church, ministry team leaders, etc., to write prayers for the church. Use them in worship, post them on the web, make them a part of the church's life.
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