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Photo Gallery: Lent 2008 Photo Gallery: Lent 2008

Lent 2008
Cornucopia full of fruit
A worship element to signify "foretaste", the second element in our Lenten study.
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Dan makes a point about "foretaste"
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Listening to the scripture
Keith, Kathy H. Tommy, Lana and Mario
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"Spiritual Food Pyramid"
Dan explains the "Spiritual Food Guide Pyramid"
Viewed 2189 times
Dan explains the "aprons"
Dan and some of the Faith on Fire team wore aprons to Sunday School
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Dan holds out his apron
Holding out our aprons to catch God's vision
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Dan talks about "signs"
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Discussion group 1
Keith, Lana, Tommy, Nel, Sadie and Janie
Viewed 2148 times
Discussion group 2
Sandy, Margaret, Betty, Ken and Bernie
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Discussion group 3
Janet, Phyllis, Mary Louise and Bonnie
Viewed 2110 times
Janet and Sandy hold out their aprons
Viewed 2119 times
Keith, Tommy and Lana
Viewed 2078 times
Viewed 2112 times
Margaret and Betty
Viewed 2053 times
Nel and Sadie
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